Types of Gambling Addictions

Kuldip Counselling is experienced at helping those who suffer from gambling addictions. Here is some information below about the types of gambling addictions. 

By definition, a gambling addiction is when the gambler cannot stop.

Gambling addicts have to keep playing, and over time, their lives turn into shambles. Gambling addicts use up all their money to keep gambling. Then they borrow money to continue. Then they steal money to continue. These gamblers may lose their house, go bankrupt, and lose their families as well.

Some gamblers are compulsive about the behavior. They are not able to set limits and exercise patience. Professional gamblers, for example, have an enormous amount of skill, but they also know when to stop playing. Professional gamblers play as a career. They are not betting out of control. They come out ahead because they understand the probability and the statistics of their game, and they play within their limits.

Gamblers who are addicted, don’t know when to stop. These gamblers miss appointments, spend money that was earmarked for something else, spend their retirement savings, and sometimes commit illegal acts to obtain more money to keep playing. These are the addicted gamblers who need help.

For many addicted gamblers, gambling is an escape. It’s like a drug that takes you away from all your real responsibilities. Some of these gamblers are also anti-social, and feel comfortable in that aloneness while gambling.

So, whether you are addicted to sports betting, card playing, machines, or lotteries, the addiction is the same, and the treatment is the same.

Gambling addictions can ruin lives. If you are suffering from gambling problems or know someone who is, contact us through the form on this page, and let us help you.