Problem Gambling Counselling, surrey BC


Kuldip Counselling & Consulting Services has a contract with the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, which provides free, confidential counselling services for gambling problems and those affected. For additional information, and to access free problem gambling education, support or treatment services across British Columbia, call the BC Problem Gambling Help Line at 1.888.795.6111 (24 hrs) and access

The program takes a harm reduction approach to the treatment of gambling addictions, which may include working with clients to discover ways to reduce the risks associated with their gambling or helping to empower clients to abstain from gambling.

There are three components of the program that Kuldip Counselling & Consulting Services works with:

Clinical Program

Free one to one counselling for individuals, couples and family members with a problem gambling. People who are impacted by someone’s gambling can also access the program for free even if the gambler is not the program. Family meetings can be arranged for those who would like information regarding gambling problems in a support family environment. Kuldip sees clients who reside in Surrey BC. To locate a problem gambling counsellor in your area please call 1.888.795.6111.

Prevention Program

As the South Asian Specialist, Kuldip Counselling & Consulting Services provides culturally sensitive gambling awareness programs for South Asian groups. Presentations, Trainings and education is available free of charge for staff and clients. Other programming is available upon request. The program will work with your group to ensure messaging regarding responsible and/or problem gambling awareness meets your group’s needs.

Additional Services available by accessing by phoning the BC Problem Gambling Help Line at 1.888.795.6111. To book a presentation for your group, call the Help Line and ask for a referral to a Prevention Specialist in your area.

Services provided are:

  • Education and information for students in grades 5 to 12.practice3.jpg
  • Training for student leadership programs and peer helpers.
  • Information sessions for parent groups, ESL classes, college classes, community groups, and treatment programs.
  • Drama projects and awareness booths for older adult populations.
  • Training for community professionals.
  • Awareness initiatives and information booths for community groups and college or university campuses.
  • Cultural prevention specialist for Asian Canadians and Canadian Aboriginals.

Discovery Program

Discovery is a multi-day group treatment program offered through the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program. Programs run between 2 and 5 days and curriculum is varied; programs include Building Motivation, Discovering Self, Understanding Self, Emotional Meaning of Money, Relationships, and Forgiveness & Letting Go.

Building skills useful in recovery, increasing self-awareness about one’s relationship with gambling and forming preferred visions for moving forward are key purposes of Discovery. All of this is done in a group setting where experiences and perspectives about gambling issues can be shared.