Marriage Counselling

Marriage and family relationships can go through many ups and downs in life. If your marriage or family relationships has been affected by addiction, counselling can help end the cycles of pain and negative interactions. No family or marriage can go through an addiction (drug, alcohol or gambling) without it having an impact on relationships. Focus in supporting those affected by their addiction is essential to addiction recovery. Sometimes addressing the addiction is the primary treatment.

Couples have been helped by marriage counselling in The Fraser Valley in circumstances where:

  • Communication has become negative, including physical abuse and nonverbal communication.
  • One or both partners consider having an affair, or one partner has had an affair.
  • Couples have said that they are merely occupying the same space.
  • The partners do not know how to resolve their differences.
  • One partner expresses themselves by acting out on negative feelings.
  • The only resolution appears to be separation.
  • A couple is staying together for the sake of the children.

During marriage counselling, some couples discover that it is healthier to be apart than to stay together. Others, of course, with guidance and the right tools provided through counselling, are able to salvage their relationships by rediscovering each other and committing to work on their marriage.