Family Counselling

If you are thinking about visiting a family counsellor in Surrey or Langley, this is a good indication that you should talk about booking an initial appointment. Some families seek counselling in the Fraser Valley in anticipation of a major life change in order to prevent difficulties before they occur.
Counselling can help family members and couples support one another through times of change, reducing conflict and making relationships stronger as a result.

Many families in Surrey and Langley have benefited from family counselling in a variety of situations, including those in which:

  • The parents have conflict with each other.
  • A child has behavior problems and/or problems at school.
  • Children or teens have conflict with each other.
  • One family member has a mental illness or substance abuse problem.
  • A family member is abusing a substance.
  • Actions or words are abusive or hurtful.
  • When a physical struggle is used to settle disagreements.
  • During times of family transition, such as the arrival of a baby, a child leaving home, separation or divorce, or the death of a loved one.
  • When problems recur and are never satisfactorily resolved

Adults who grew up in poorly functioning families may benefit from individual therapy that draws on the techniques of a family counsellor

While your family may be reluctant to get professional help, seeking family counselling, in the Fraser Valley or otherwise, can help your family identify and change dysfunctional behavior patterns and communication, in addition to improving your overall family relationship.