Who Can Benefit From Our Clinical Gambling Programs?

June 28th, 2022 in General Counselling
Who Can Benefit From Our Clinical Gambling Programs?

The Kuldip Counselling Clinical Gambling Programs are designed to treat those suffering from addiction. We have developed a unique, three-component course that helps to inform, prevent, and support those dealing with addiction.

The course will help those dealing with addiction and those impacted by addiction. Our clinical gambling programs offer insight into the causes of addiction and how to support those in need.

Clinical Program

Our Clinical Program is open to those dealing with addiction and those impacted by another person's addiction. During the Clinical Program, our staff provides one-to-one counseling to individuals.

During the initial counseling session, we learn more about you, your situation, and your history to help us create an individualized treatment plan for your success.

Prevention Program

The Prevention Program focuses on informing youth and spreading awareness about the dangers of gambling addiction. We focus on supporting Asian Canadians and Canadian Aboriginals who are at a higher risk of developing an addiction.

This Prevention Program is not a replacement for treatment but serves as a way to inform young adults about the dangers of addiction. Our program includes training community members, providing information sessions to schools, and giving support to youth.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is a multi-day group treatment program offered through the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program. The Discovery Program lasts for five days, and the curriculum is varied. The program focuses on:

  • Motivation & Discipline
  • Self-Understanding
  • The Emotional Connection to Money
  • Relationships
  • Forgiveness & Letting Go

In addition to our three aforementioned programs, you will also have access to our self-help course that will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to overcome your addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Kuldip Counselling today.

Kuldip Counselling and Consulting has two convenient locations in Surrey and Langley. They offer counselling services and compassionate therapy in the areas of addictions counselling, and family and marriage counselling. 

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