When You Start Fantasizing About Having an Affair

November 27th, 2019 in Marriage Counselling

It is not completely unheard of for one, or even both partners in a long term relationship or marriage to at some point fantasize about being with another person. For most people, these are just passing thoughts, and would never be acted on. In some cases, these thoughts can lead to fantasizing about having an affair.

Fantasy Versus Reality

While fantasizing about something, and actually acting upon it are very different, many people believe that fantasising about another sexual partner is a betrayal. In many cases, sharing and talking about these fantasies with your partner could actually backfire, as this could lead to a flood of emotions that are similar to those that actual cheating may bring on. So what can be done?

Marriage Counselling

Keeping these fantasies bottled up inside is not healthy for a relationship either. If you begin regularly fantasizing about having an affair, this may be a sign that something is missing from your current relationship. Often, the longer this goes on for, the more likely it becomes that an affair will happen, or a relationship will break down.

Marriage counselling or couples therapy is an option for couples to come and explore these thoughts in a safe, non-judgemental, professional environment. There are many reasons of why these thoughts may be emerging, and counselling can help to delve into this and determine the cause, and how to best move forward. Counsellors work on improving communication between couples, with the goal of building a positive and supportive relationship in mind.

If you or a spouse has begun to have regular thoughts of infidelity, you should consider marriage counselling. Kuldip Counselling is here to help you navigate these tricky emotions, and foster a positive relationship.