When You Can't Have Just One: One Drink, One Pill, One Game

September 23rd, 2015 in General Counselling

For people who have never experienced addiction, the solution to a drinking problem, drug problem or gambling problem seems simple – just stop, after you’ve enjoyed one drink, one pill, or one game. But those struggling with addiction, whether it’s in regard to substances, gambling, or another issues, know that ‘just one’ isn’t so easy.

Addiction is a brain disease that truly affects every part of the body. In non-addicted individuals, the ability to have just one is easy, so long as the motivation and will is present. But for those dealing with addiction, the body is actually built in a completely different way. An addict’s brain responds differently to these stimuli, making it incredibly difficult to stop at one.

For most addicts, the risk is not worth the reward. ‘Just one’ is impossible, or nearly impossible, and quickly leads to more and more. An addict who feels like ‘just one’ is okay will often find him or herself relapsing in no time at all.

What can people who are struggling with addiction do, then? In most cases it is wise to avoid situations and settings where one will be tempted, even into just one drink, pill, or other vice. Recovering addicts know that most times, there is no such thing as just one, so they stay away from temptation entirely.

The most important thing you can do, if you are dealing with addiction, is to seek help. A professional support system, along with any peer and family support you may have, is a great way to stay on track. Using these supports you can learn new ways to say no, to avoid temptation, and to keep yourself away from the things that can upset your recovery and start you over at zero again.