When Medication Fails

February 27th, 2020 in Family Counselling

Many people are fighting a silent battle against depression. Depression does not discriminate, and hundreds of millions of people worldwide fight this battle daily, dealing with stress and anxiety. Many doctors will prescribe medication to help with depression. For some, this is enough to manage, but for others, there are times when medication fails.

Now What?

For millions of people struggling with depression, even the highest levels of medication have not shown the improvement that is desired. Depression has such a vast number of causes, that oftentimes it takes delving into the cause of depression to begin the healing process. This is where the power of counseling really shines.

Depression counselors will work with patients to determine what might be causing a specific incidence of depression. By assessing a cause, a treatment plan can be established that looks to solve this, rather then mask it like medication tries to do.

Counseling is able to help those struggling with depression as the result of loss, life changes,and family history of depression. Counseling can be one-on-one or involve other members of friends and family when necessary. You will learn to focus on the problem at hand, use learned strategies to overcome this, and find ways to remove yourself from these destructive patterns.

Counselling has shown to be one of the best treatments for those struggling with depression. If this is you, or if you worry about a friend or family member who may be struggling, do not suffer in silence anymore. Kuldip Counselling is here to help you on the path to recovery.