What is the Responsible Driving Program in BC?

July 28th, 2020 in General Counselling

The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) in British Columbia is a remedial program for drivers who have received alcohol or drug related prohibitions on their driving record. The program from the Province of BC is provided by Stroh Health Care, and is delivered to drivers referred to the program by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

Drivers referred to the Responsible Driver Program receive a letter advising of program requirements and the current status of their driving license – after the driver pays for the program, they will participate in a structured telephone assessment which will determine which of two programs the driver is assigned to: an eight-hour educational classroom session, or a sixteen-hour group counselling program set over an eight week period. The program costs a program fee of $930.00 and is a requirement for the driver to keep their driving license and regain driving privileges.

Once the driver has completed the program, basic attendance information and program results will be sent to RoadSafety BC. Upon completion of the program, RoadSafetyBC will notify the driver in writing if they have passed the program to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

Programs such as the Responsible Driver Program in BC have been shown to reduce the risk of repeat alcohol or drug related collisions and convictions.