The Need for Addiction Counselling as the Number of Drug-Related Deaths Increase in BC

January 22nd, 2019 in General Counselling

It seems every time the news is turned on, there is another story about the increase in drug-related deaths in BC (British Columbia). These numbers seem just like any other statistic, until it is a family member or friend struggling with substance or drug addiction. As the numbers continue to grow, there is a greater need for addiction counselling to help those that are affected.

Health Link BC states that the overuse of alcohol or other drugs is called a substance use problem. A sign of a substance abuse problem is that the user continues to abuse these substances, even though he or she knows that it is causing problems is his or her life. Substance addiction can also manifest as a strong need or constant craving to drink or use drugs.

Drug addiction and substance abuse can lead to many negative effects on overall health and daily activities. It can impair judgement, reducing the ability to work, and effecting personal and family life. In extreme cases, substance addiction can lead to serious health problems, or even death. The current opiod problem in BC showcases the dangers of drug addiction.

Help is available in the form of addiction counselling to combat the number of drug-related deaths in BC. It can be difficult to seek support and information, but by finding a good fit with a professional counsellor, the healing and recovery process can begin. Counselling can lead to a break in isolation, and provide coping strategies that do not include reverting back to substance abuse. The need to access these addiction counselling services is more important than ever. If you or someone you know Is struggling with drug or substance addiction, help them find the help that they deserve.