The Importance of Addressing Underlying Issues in Addiction Treatment

March 28th, 2023 in General Counselling
The Importance of Addressing Underlying Issues in Addiction Treatment

Treating addictions is an incredibly complex, challenging, and ongoing process. People commonly turn to substances due to anxiety, genetics, or other mental health issues such as Schizophrenia. With that said, addiction can happen to everyone, and when it comes to understanding treatment, it is imperative to understand the importance of addressing underlying issues. 

In most cases, addiction is the result of an underlying issue that impacted someone's life. Without correct medical advice and social support, an individual can turn to drugs as a coping mechanism for their problems. Some of the most common underlying causes of addiction are listed below.

Personality Disorders

People suffering from personality disorders, such as narcissists and schizophrenics are much more likely to turn to illicit drugs if they are not provided with resources to treat their condition. These users often fall under the classification of co-occurring disorders, which is when an individual simultaneously has a substance addiction and mental health condition. For these individuals to treat addiction, they must address their mental health issues.


Those who suffer from anxiety are also much more prone to self-medicating with substances. Turning to drugs or alcohol is a way to escape any thoughts or feelings associated with the root of your anxiety. Addressing the cause of your anxiety and receiving professional treatment can assist in the addiction recovery process.

Lack of Support

As you can see, underlying issues have a major influence on someone's likelihood to use substances and become addicted. Without adequate professional support, it can be impossible to properly address these conditions and treat addiction.

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