The Case for End of Life Counselling for Patients and Families

January 30th, 2019 in Family Counselling

Being faced with terminal illness or end-of-life situations, whether for you or a loved one, can be a terrifying and overwhelming ordeal. As this time nears, it is essential that the proper counselling and family therapy options are explored, to help with the life transition and coping of affected people.

An individual faced with an end-of-life situation will face many emotions, from sadness, to anger, grief and sadness. These feelings can lead to other thoughts, such as regret, anxiety and fear. These feelings, of course, exist at a time when the affected individual is also dealing with the physical symptoms that can accompany terminal or end-of-life illness.

No one should have to face this alone, or feel that they will burden their family and loved ones with the emotions that they are facing. With this in mind, counselling and family therapy can provide excellent care for the patients, and their families.

Counselling for life transitions can help work through those pressing issues and emotions. Counsellors will help patients and their family cope with the anger, grief, feeling of loss, anxiety and regret. Counselling can help to make the passing more unburdened, helping to alleviate the stress that the loved one may say or express feelings out of fear, leaving the loved ones to ponder and try to process these. Counselling can also help those left behind to cope and deal with the loss of their loved one.

When you are faced with a situation in which end-of-life care becomes reality, talk to Kuldip Counsellors to help create a calm, peaceful and dignified passing.