The Benefits of Counselling for Families of Recovering Addicts

October 26th, 2014 in General Counselling
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Recovering addicts are doing all they can to avoid spiraling into destructive behaviours and causing further damage and pain for their family. It’s a difficult line to walk, especially if the recovering addict knows that their family wants them to succeed but doesn’t know how to support them. Counselling may be a part of your family member’s recovery, and in order to be the kind of supportive family member you want to be, counselling should be part of your life, too. There are a number of reasons why counselling will be beneficial, even if you’re not the one recovering from personal addiction.

Supportive Role

Do you want to know what your family member is going through? Do you want to understand the terminology that they use and the best ways to promote healthy behaviour? Counselling can be a straightforward way to learn what it is that your family member needs or wants from you. You may think you know how to support them, but addiction is complicated and without training in the complexities, it can be easy to slip up and say or do the wrong things. Counselling will allow you to be supportive in the best ways possible.

Deal with Frustrations and Set Backs

You may not feel you need counselling to deal with the addiction and recovery of a family member, but it might come in handy to have a professional with whom you can talk about everything that’s going on. A counsellor can help you to vent frustrations without causing your family member more stress and disappointment.

Someone to Talk To

You may want to talk to your close friends about everything that’s going on, so you can vent as well as get feedback. But you may also feel that you can’t talk to friends because dealing with addiction is a private matter. You can talk to a counsellor about everything, knowing that they will keep it private and offer support and advice that you can trust.