Supporting a Loved One During Addiction Recovery

January 2nd, 2017 in Family Counselling

shutterstock_344266466.jpgSupporting a loved one that has struggled with addiction can be a life-long process. If they have made the choice to enter a drug, alcohol or addiction rehab program then they will be on te road towards addiction recovery and will need support from friends and loved ones along the wa. Even if they have tried and relapsed in the past, each attempt is a step towards total recovery

What can you do to support a loved one during addiction recovery?

Learn about the process of addiction. The first thing you can do to educate yourself about the addiction process. When you can understand how the disease affects the brain, then you can have more compassionate support for your loved one in the midst of the disease.

Stop any enabling behaviours. It may be very difficult to make hard decisions that feel like you are turning your back on your loved one, however, stopping any enabling behaviours will help them during recovery. If you have made a hard stance against something, stick with it and remain strong. The disease of addiction can make them manipulative – stay strong for them and yourself also.

Get your own support network.Families of addicts arejust as affectedby their loved one’s addiction, often times financially as well as emotionally. Seeking your own individual therapy as well as participating in a support group, can help you along with the process.

Attend any group therapy sessions. Addiction is often a family disease and often times, rehab programs offer family support with varying levels of family involvement. Taking part in any sessions offered is the best way to help your loved one and yourself get further along in the process of recovery.

The transition out of rehab can be one of the more trying times in addiction recovery. Make sure to support them during the first three months, and support abstinence, attending meetings and finding positive coping strategies for stress to help continue to live a healthy addiction-free life.