Strategies for Preventing Relapse and Maintaining Long-Term Recovery

September 20th, 2023 in General Counselling
Strategies for Preventing Relapse and Maintaining Long-Term Recovery

Addictions can stay with someone well after they have achieved sobriety, and even the smallest triggers can cause a relapse. While the initial counseling process often focuses on disassociating from the substance, less time is spent on managing long-lasting cravings.

Even though the initial steps to recovery can be the most challenging, the threat of relapse is always present. Therefore, understanding effective strategies can help you and those you love maintain a long-term recovery.

Work On Identifying Triggers and Developing Coping Strategies

Triggers exist all around us, and whether it is stress, sadness, or a recollection of a traumatic experience, prior cravings can spike and lead to a relapse. Therefore, to maintain sobriety, you must understand addiction triggers and work towards developing effective and healthy coping strategies, such as meditation, exercise, journaling, or hobbies that can distract the mind and help withstand the urge to relapse.

Harness Your Support System

Battling addiction single-handedly is tough, and when relapse thoughts surface, having someone on your side can help you evade falling back into old habits. Finding help from your support system can often aid you in your darkest moments.

If you are isolated from your family, consider joining group therapy or attending support group meetings, where you can form connections with others undergoing similar hardships.

Participate in Regular Therapy or Counselling

Addiction is a critical illness with long-term consequences, and remapping your brain to break away from old practices is an ongoing task. Regular attendance at counseling sessions offers persistent support, guidance, and a chance to tackle fresh problems and triggers that may pave the way for a relapse.

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