Staying Sober During The Holidays - Sobriety Safety Measures

December 28th, 2015 in General Counselling

Holiday cheer comes in various forms, and for many, it takes the shape of drugs, alcohol, and other vices freely flowing. For people maintaining sobriety, the holidays can be especially challenging for this reason, among others. Whether it is facing down addiction at a holiday party, or dealing with winter blues without turning to old crutches to get through, there are countless situations that can test sobriety every festive season.

Staying sober during the holidays is important, no matter how challenging it becomes. For those committed to sobriety, advance planning is a necessity to get through this period of time. There are sobriety safety measures you can employ, by yourself and with the help of trusted partners.

To stay sober during the holidays, try to avoid scenarios that are too challenging to overcome. If that means avoiding certain places, people, or situations, it is worth it to keep sober. People who value your sobriety will understand if you have to say no to a party, or leave early. Do not set yourself up for failure by putting yourself in tense situations.

Have someone you can talk to immediately if you find yourself wanting to break your sobriety. If it’s a family member, a sponsor, or another support person, they should be aware that the holidays could cause you problems, and know what to do if or when you call them.

Remember the reasons why you decided to become sober, and repeat them to yourself as you go through the festive season. When faced with temptation, think about all of the reasons you have to not break your sobriety, and weigh your long term health and happiness against immediate satisfaction.

Stay sober during the holidays. It is well worth the extra effort.