Signs You May Have an Addiction Problem

May 30th, 2013 in General Counselling

There are many types of addictions. The most obvious are alcohol, tobacco, and other drug addictions, but even uncontrolled gambling or compulsive video gaming can become destructive and change lives for the worse. Surrey addiction counsellors are trained professionals who can help you to identify the problem and work towards a solution, but you have to know that you have a problem to seek out an addiction counsellor.

Addiction problems are almost always less obvious to the person with the addiction than they are to people around them, but some addicts can even hide their addiction problem from the people closest too them. And if you are hiding an addiction from yourself, getting help is almost impossible.

How can you tell that you might have an addiction problem? The first step will be to observe yourself and your habits more carefully. Do you compulsively do something on a regular basis? Do you feel as though you need something in particular to start your day? Or do you find yourself looking forward to the end of the day when you can go back to doing the thing you do every evening?

You should also ask yourself whether or not your relationship to alcohol, gambling, or other addiction problems is affecting your relationship with friends and family members. Do you hide your activities from others? Have your friends stopped accepting invitations to go out?

Do you have a problematic relationship with money, because you’re always spending it on you addiction problem and finding that you don’t have money for anything else in your life?

There are many signs that you may have an addiction problem. The first step is to seek help from a professional addiction counsellor. A Surrey addiction counsellor can help you to figure out if you have an addiction problem and work with you to recover from your addiction and improve your life.