Marriage and Family Counselling in Recovery

October 25th, 2015 in Family Counselling, Marriage Counselling
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When someone is dealing with addictions, be it problem gambling, drugs, or alcohol, they are not the only one affected. The whole family can struggle under the weight of an addiction, even if the person with an addiction is actively recovering. Marriage and family counselling can go a long way toward supporting and strengthening family bonds, even though the trauma of addictions and the challenges of recovery, and can make it more likely that an addict will be successful in their recovery attempt.

Marriage and family counselling in recovery is a good way to help prevent relapse, by giving all family members tools to address problems that could trigger struggles with addiction. Keeping in recovery is something the whole family must work together to support, as it can be incredibly difficult for someone with an addiction to go it alone.

Marriage and family counselling in recovery also helps give family members and other loved ones a way to truly understand the addiction, why it may have happened, and how to deal with any leftover feelings of hurt, anger, or abandonment as a result.

The goal of counselling in recovery is to keep the entire family unit healthy and growing, always on the path toward success, with the tools to use if a stumbling block gets in the way. Family members learn to effectively communicate and speak their minds, in a safe space with professional support. There are very few downsides to counselling, and numerous advantages that can help your family get stronger every day.

If your family is dealing with addictions and recovery, marriage and family counselling may offer you countless benefits. Talk to your care provider about accessing counselling, or reach out to a counselling service in your area to learn more.