Keeping Your Marriage Alive During COVID

January 31st, 2022 in Marriage Counselling
Keeping Your Marriage Alive During COVID

Many married couples have found themselves in much closer quarters with their partner since COVID-19 started, than they were before. More people stay at home, and many more individuals are working at home. For some partners this close proximity has been more difficult than others. Here are some tips for keeping your marriage alive while COVID continues and we remain cooped up with our partners.


Practicing some gratitude is a good habit for everyone. It’s a good idea to think about or write down something every day that you are grateful for, and there are some real health benefits to doing so. Those who regularly practice gratitude feel less stress, sleep better, worry less, and it may even improve your relationships with others (like with your spouse.) There are many books on the subject, but a simple pad of paper or spiral notebook is sufficient. What are you grateful for?

Being Creative

Even if you’re stuck in the house with your partner all day, you can still be creative. You can eat dinner in another room or make a picnic outside. You can spend an hour playing a game or take turns cooking. You can help each by doing more of each other’s chores. There is no limit to what you can do to make the day interesting with each other.

Finding Some Alone Time

Finding some alone time and doing whatever it is that gives you peace and serenity is good for everyone, regardless of their living circumstances. Go for a walk, or get some regular exercise. Take a bath or find a corner to sit and read a book. What’s important is to make a habit of it and set aside time every day for yourself. You are important, and looking after yourself is important too.

There is no doubt that these are challenging times for all of us. However, learning to be satisfied with what we have is an important lesson for all of us. If you are experiencing difficulties your relationship with your partner, a professional counsellor will have many tools in their arsenal to help. If you are on the Lower Mainland, call us at (604) 764-9575, and let us help you cope with relationship difficulties.

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