Is Online Gambling Harder to Treat Than In-Person Gambling?

March 30th, 2022 in General Counselling
Is Online Gambling Harder to Treat Than In-Person Gambling?

Online gambling addictions continue to grow more and more common. While it is not harder to treat than in-person gambling, some of the warning signs may be harder to spot.

This article will go through the signs and symptoms of online gambling addiction, and what your next steps should be if you have concerns.

What are the Signs of an Online Gambling Addiction?

Spotting an online gambling addiction is challenging but not impossible. Some of the first signs are inclusiveness and lack of interest in other hobbies.

Online gambling addicts will show the following signs:

  • Being preoccupied with gambling even when they are not playing. For example, thinking about online gambling and talking about it while not playing.
  • Irritability due to recent gambling losses, including missed jackpots or not winning at all.
  • Covering up the gambling habits with lies.
  • Using gambling as a strategy to take away from other problems.

How Do you Treat an Online Gambling Addiction?

Online gambling addiction is treated similarly to in-person addiction. A couple of the main steps required to overcome the addiction include:

Cut All Contact With Gambling Sites/Apps

Knowing the risks before jumping into a high-intensity activity such as gambling is one way to stay away from addiction. That said, research has shown that some people are more susceptible to developing an addiction than others. If that is the case, professional assistance may be required.

Find Professional Assistance

Breaking an online gambling habit is challenging, but it is not impossible. A licensed counsellor can help you discover what you are feeling and why you want to gamble. Understanding these reasons can help you find triggers and prevent them from occurring.

If you find that you are struggling with this type of temptation, it may be time to ask for help.  At Kuldip Counselling, we have years of experience treating addictions. Our counseling service provides a compassionate and caring approach to treating addiction.

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