How to Protect Your Family From Your Anxiety

March 30th, 2021 in General Counselling

Anxiety is a feeling that is characterized by intense worry, fear, and apprehension. Anxiety can reduce the rate of productivity at the workplace and in other activities that use intellectual strength. Anxiety in your family can be debilitating and distressing. This can lead to the loss of employment and educational opportunities as well as a deterioration in social and family relationships.

Many people with anxiety describe it as a feeling of dread and nervousness that can be destructive to the mind. Anxiety is experienced on different levels, affecting emotions that lead to uncomfortable physical sensations and resulting in negative thoughts. This blog will describe how to protect your family from anxiety.


When in anxiety, you can spend a lot of time in anxiety-provoking thoughts. Mindfulness brings our attention back to the present moment and unhooks you from thoughts that are non-productive. You can develop a mindset of being sober and focused with your daily tasks.

Relaxation techniques

You should come up with a special day or special time during the day with your family when you can relax together. You can plan for a hike, swimming, or watching a movie with your friends or family. There are other important relaxation techniques that you should embrace in your family. These include the following:

  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Abdominal breathing
  • Isometric relaxation exercises

Practice breathing techniques

It is very helpful for a person who suffers from anxiety to learn how to breathe from the diaphragm, rather than their chest to battle against hyperventilation. You should teach your children to breathe correctly by placing one hand on the lower abdomen and the other on the chest. If you breathe well your abdomen should move rather than the chest.

Cognitive therapy

This type of therapy focuses on changing patterns of beliefs and thinking that are connected with anxiety, and anger. Cognitive therapy helps you to think correctly, share your anxiety with a specialist, and believing in your potentials.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, and this is affecting family relationships, we can help.

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