How Telehealth Can Save Your Marriage: Staying Together Through COVID-19

June 30th, 2020 in Marriage Counselling

Telehealth is a manner of providing health care services where providers and patients are separated. Telehealth is an upgraded technology invented for the exchange of information and for the treatment and diagnosis of injuries, diseases, and mental health at a distance.

Telehealth can offer great universal health coverage especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing has been introduced to mitigate the spread of the virus. Telehealth works well for people who live in remote areas, aging populations, vulnerable groups, and both the rich and the poor.

Currently, telehealth is being applied in the following areas especially in solving marriage disputes and broken relationships.

These include the following:

* E-visits

This is where the couple or husband and wife fills a questionnaire and gets a written treatment solution

* E-consults

This where the couples seek for a consultation to an expert via a specific social media platform

* Video visits

This involves two-way, live-feed, audiovisual communication between the healthcare provider and the patients. Barriers have been removed in this COVID-19 pandemic where doctors and nurses respond quickly to patients' needs in telehealth visits because of the streamline of online operations.

A large number of healthcare providers have been trained to offer video visits. A virtual-care crew continues to monitor and tweak online activities and make necessary changes as needed to perfectly space appointments and keep from overloading systems.

Telehealth is providing lovers with peace of mind during this nasty pandemic. Virtual healthcare not only empowers medical workers to make good decisions, but it offers excellent time management for interacting with and treating patients.

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