How Do Seasonal Mood Disorders Affect Family Dynamics?

October 27th, 2019 in Family Counselling

If you have ever heard of “The Winter Blues” then you probably know a little bit about seasonal mood disorders. While everyone experiences the highs and lows in mood throughout their lives, people struggling with seasonal mood disorders tend to experience intense low moods, brought about by the change in season.

What are Seasonal Mood Disorders?

Also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, this disorder is indicated when the sufferer struggles with episodes of depression during specific times of the year, often during Winter, with symptoms disappearing at the conclusion of the season. People struggling with SAD tend to have little energy, and may feel or act moody. This behaviour can have unfortunate effects on family dynamics.

Effects on Family Dynamics

Having a family member suffer from SAD can cause far reaching effects on the family dynamics. Regular routines may become disrupted, leading to conflict and fights. There may also be emotional distress, and feelings of guilt and worry. This can strain marital and family relationships, and can be difficult for both sides to manage.

Get Help

If you or a family member is dealing with depression, or showing signs of depression, you need to reach out for help. Family counselling is available to help navigate the seasonal affective disorder, and help all family members to cope. Marriage counselling is also an option to help both sides better understand what each person is experiencing and dealing with, and how both can be supported and begin to heal.

Kuldip Counselling is available to help you or your family member to overcome the winter blues, and make sure that your family dynamic remains strong.