Getting Back Out & Navigating Social Distancing Fears

July 27th, 2020 in General Counselling

COVID19 has come with new and unusual anxieties and fears that need to be addressed. Stress and fear about this new disease can feel overwhelming to children and adults.

Public health actions like social distancing, designed to protect our physical health, can make people feel lonely and isolated. Coping up with fear and anxiety will make you and your family stronger.

How do we address the fears and anxieties when we start going out in the world again? Here are our tips.

The way to respond to fear or anxiety depends in part on your social support, financial situation, emotional background, and health.

Personal coping tips:

One way of reducing anxieties and fear is by taking care of your family and friends. Assisting others to cope with stress and depression can make everyone feel stronger.

Another suggestion is to maintain social connections as much as possible with video chats and phone calls.

Regular exercise is known to reduce anxiety and depression.

Meditation can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Professional Suggestions to cope with anxieties and fear:

* Know the procedure to follow if you are sick. Always contact a doctor or a specialist before any kind of treatment.

* Know how and where to get treatment if you feel unwell.

* Look after your emotional health. This will assist you to think clearly and react to any urgent requirements.

* Take breaks from listening, reading, and watching new coronavirus updates. Hearing about new infections can be upsetting.

* Take care of yourself. Eat healthily, get sufficient sleep, and avoid excessive drug use. It is important to take care of your mental health and well-being. If you have new or worse symptoms, contact a doctor or counselling professional.

We want you to feel well, and you are welcome to contact us if going out in the world has got you down.

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