Couples Counselling to Restore Communication

April 25th, 2017 in Marriage Counselling

Many people do not believe that communication within their marriage is the same as the communication problems that they have at work, or in their day to say world. Unfortunately, many people tend to fall into the same communication errors with their spouse as they do with their coworkers, though, some may argue that the stakes are much higher at home.

Counselling may prove to have significant benefits for couples who are struggling to communicate, with focus falling on the following lessons:

Ask for what you want in measureable terms. Communication needs to be clear, and concise. You can’t expect your partner to read your mind, much as you cannot read theirs.

Ensure that the person you are talking to is ready to hear what you are saying. Meaning, a conversation is a two-way street, if one of those ways is block (or distracted) it may be the wrong time to have the conversation you are wanting to have.

Make your boundaries clear. Again, your spouse cannot read your mind. If something is bothering you, let them know what it is and why. Come up with an alternative agreement that works for both of you.

Give feedback. If an effort is made, don’t ignore it. Even if it isn’t exactly what you need. Give feedback to help your partner learn what it is that you need from them and further help them along to figuring you out (the same as they are figuring you out).

Don’t stop communicating. Talking is how to make progress towards better communication. It may feel forced at first, but it’s the only way to communicate. Think ahead of questions to ask. Plan out what you want to say, just don’t stop the talking.

Some couples may find relief from couples counselling and its effects on their ability to communicate with one another, to work towards a happy and successful partnership.