Counselling Help for Family Members of Addicts

April 11th, 2013 in Family Counselling

Addiction can take many forms, all of which can be equally devastating to the family members of the addicted person.  At Kuldip Counselling we specialize in counseling for alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

An experienced family counsellor who specializes in addictions can be especially helpful in navigating an addicted family member, whether or not they are in recovery.  Family members who don’t have addictions themselves may have a hard time understanding the addict’s behavior. They may think they are just weak willed or don’t want to quit badly enough.   Family members may try and bully, shame, bribe or guilt the addict in their life into quitting their addictive behavior.  They often feel that if the person just “loved them enough” they would quit.  They may feel it is their fault their loved one is unable to quit.

A skilled therapist can help family members come to terms with the reality of addiction and their inability to control their loved one. They will give them tools to set boundaries and make sure they take care of themselves through the turmoil.

And if their family member gets into recovery for addiction, the counsellor can help restore the communication and trust that was broken by their addictive behavior.

Dealing with an addicted family member can be overwhelming and frightening. An experienced therapist can help you handle the situation in a more healthy and productive manner.