Can Counselling Help Ease the Pain of Separation?

August 26th, 2021 in General Counselling


The pain of separation can be shattering, whether from a long-term partner or a child who is moving away. No matter what type of separation it is, humans grieve the loss of that relationship or the change that that relationship is undergoing in different ways, and it can take a long time.

Counselling can definitely help to ease the pain of separation in many ways. Here, below, are some of the ways that it can help.

Cognitive therapy

This type of therapy focuses on changing patterns of beliefs and thinking that are connected with unproductive feelings. In the case of separation, you may feel lost or sad or angry or hard-done-by.  Cognitive therapy helps you to reframe your thoughts and examine their basis and how to move on to more productive ways of viewing the world. When you share your hurts with an experienced professional therapist, who believes in your potential, you can learn healthier ways to cope.

Reduction in Anxiety

A trained therapist can help you to reduce anxiety. In the case of separation maybe you are feeling lonely or that you will be forever alone. There are many ways to reduce anxiety—that have other health benefits as well—such as mindfulness meditation, diet, and exercise. These are all things a therapist would discuss with you if applicable.

A professional counsellor will have many tools in their arsenal to help you to feel better. All you have to do is reach out—one of the most difficult parts. If you are on the Lower Mainland, call us at (604) 764-9575, and let us help you cope with your separation and find a renewed and happier sense of self.

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