Benefits of Counselling for People with Addictions

March 15th, 2013 in General Counselling

Regardless of the path of recovery a person is on, counselling can greatly benefit people struggling with or recovering from addictions.  This may include alcohol addiction, gambling addiction or gambling addiction.

While therapists may vary in their approach, the common goal in working with addicted people is to help the addict person change their behavior patterns so they can break the addiction cycle and stop abusing drugs, alcohol or compulsively gambling.

The beneficial results of counseling for addictions include:

  • Skills and tools to avoid relapse. This may include learning how to cope with cravings and gaining coping skills for dealing with stressors that in the past would have prompted them to drink or use
  • Full understanding of their problem. Recognizing the damage the addiction has caused may provide motivation for a person to recover from their addiction. Working with a counsellor may give the recovering person a full understanding of the devastation their addiction caused.
  • Support groups. Working with others can help the recovering addicted person realize they are not alone and that there are others have gone through a similar situation and have stopped drinking or using. Support from other recovered people makes the newly recovering addict realize it is possible.
  • Family involvement. Including family members may be beneficial to help recovering addicts stay motivated. It also helps the family understand the recovery process and how they can be supportive.

Counselling can also be helpful as a way for people come to terms with the fact that they have an addiction. A therapist experienced in working with people with addictions can provide perspective about the extent of their problem and provide them with tools to help them create a life free from drugs, alcohol or gambling addiction.

The addiction counselors at Kuldip Counselling in Surrey,BC can help you or your loved one with an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction problem.