A Mental Health Regime During a Pandemic

August 31st, 2020 in General Counselling

Since the World Health Organization declared COVID19 as a global pandemic, many people are uneasy and feeling stress. But vaccines will be available everywhere soon, and we need to look at brighter days ahead. 

Some individuals may be feeling some anxiety and some fear. Some of these feelings are natural, and we have listed some below.

* Feeling overwhelmed or depressed

* Fear, worry, or anxiety

* Racing thoughts

* Difficulty concentrating

* Fatigue, stomach upset

* Anger, irritability, or frustration

* Agitation or restlessness

* Difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep

* Feeling disconnected from friends and society and your previous routines.

Here are practical ideas that can help you if you are feeling anxiety over COVID-19.

1. You should follow a routine and simple guidelines of the World Health Organization:

Remember to wash your hands regularly and keep hand sanitizer readily available, such as in your car. Avoid close contact with anyone who is not in your immediate bubble. If you become sick go see your doctor without delay.

2. Educate your community, friends, and families:

Use offline and online platforms to educate people. Rely only on information coming from reputable sources

3. Volunteer:

Look for opportunities to volunteer in your area. (There are also plenty of ways to volunteer online if you don't want to go out.) If there are old people or kids help them out where possible. You should also help the needy people in your area to pick up medicine and groceries. Helping others is a great way to make you feel better.

4. Donate:

Look for a charitable organization to donate food or money to vulnerable individuals in your community. There are many charities designed to help areas hard hit by COVID19.

5. Exercise compassion for yourself:

Spend some time doing things you like. Get some exercise. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Keep up communication with your friends and relatives using new technology.

This pandemic is not going to last forever. Breathe deeply, enjoy every day, and soon this will be over.

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