5 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Spouse

April 28th, 2022 in Marriage Counselling
5 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Spouse

Sometimes, talking to your partner can feel like talking to a wall. You are telling them how you are feeling, but they don't seem to hear any of it. Poor communication is a relationship killer, but it can be fixed. Follow the five tips in this article to improve communication with your spouse.

Be Receptive

When your partner is communicating with you, you must be receptive to their ideas, feelings, and thoughts, even if you do not necessarily agree. It is critical to show them that you are listening by being physically and verbally engaged in the conversation.

If a partner feels hesitant to share their true thoughts and feelings with you, it may be a result of you not listening in the past.

Be Honest

Honesty is a vital component of effective communication. When partners lie to one another, it tears away at the key fabric of a relationship, trust. Honesty with your partner is something that cannot be compromised. Showing that you are always honest with them establishes a clear and long-lasting channel for communication.

Put Devices Away

Good communication requires an open and focused mind. When someone is looking at a screen, it is hard to know if they are paying attention and listening to you. Therefore, a great way to improve communication is to have some device-free time.

Spend More Time Together

Time together can be the most important element in improving communication. Good communication requires close and consistent conversations. Therefore, it is important to prioritize quality time with your partner. Eat dinner without any screens and talk about your day or go for morning walks to share what you are optimistic and thankful for.

Seek Counselling

In some cases, poor communication is rooted in deeper issues. If your partner is constantly complaining about you or what you are doing but never making any effort to improve things, they may need counseling help to overcome their issues. Poor communication can lead to stressful situations and toxic environments.

Marriage counseling is a helpful way for relationships to ease the hostility, re-create trust, and overcome issues that have plagued the relationship.

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