10 Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety

August 22nd, 2015 in Family Counselling

We know how stressful work can be. But, did you know that anxiety issues are the most common mental health disorder in children? For many children, having the summer off can be a real stress reliever; as the time for school to start looms ever closer often times their stress level begins to rise significantly as well.

Here are 10 ways you can help to relieve stress for your child as the first day of school draws near.

1. Always make exercise a priority. It's not just good for the body, it also gets rid of nervous energy. Whether you're at home or a park, exercise will make their day.

2. Keep sugar to a minimum. Especially white sugar and flour. Try string cheese or yogurt instead.

3. Keep a schedule. Have organized fun all summer long. Know on each day what those fun things will be.

4. Get plenty of sleep. This is an essential for any growing child.

5. Have fun in the sun. Once school begins, have some outdoor playtime anyway; it's good for them!

6. Embrace bathtime. Schedule a warm, relaxing bath before bed. It will make a world of difference.

7. Schedule quiet time. Not every activity should be loud and crazy. Quietly reading books or doing other activities like that can help your child to breathe easier in all situations.

8. Respect your child's space. Even when their room doesn't look it's neatest, don't be nagging all day long for a cleanup. Once school has begun, then you can get everything in order for an organized and fun school year.

9. Remember their clothes. Stay away from tight, trendy outfits that are uncomfortable for your child to wear all day long. Keep it comfy, and that goes for shoes, too.

10. Consider therapy. If anxiety doesn't seem to go away on its own, perhaps seek out a counseling professional who specialises in pediatric anxiety disorders.

A little extra help will surely go a long way to relieve any stress disorders in your children.